Ayurvedic Therapies

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Ayurveda Lifestyle consultation    60 mins      $120.00


Shirodhara Ancient Indian Head Therapy

Pouring of Warm Oil over third eye chakra & Forehead      $150.00    1 hour
Start your treatment with a consultation to find your Dosha, your body and emotional type so that we may adjust the oil to balance and relax you. We begin with warm facial compressing followed by our delightful Marma point facial Massage. The warm flow of the   Black Seed Sesame Oil over your third eye chakra and Forehead will take you on a personal journey.


Ultimate full body experience $260.00 2hours

Included an Infared Sauna & One Hour Full Body Massage Followed by Shirodhara Treatment
Padabhyang Indian Leg & Foot Massage $120.00 1hr

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Start with Facial Compress of Kewda Flower & Gulheena.Treat those tires legs and feet to this delightful ancient Indian Leg and Foot Massage. We begin the Padabhyang on your feet and legs working on the Marma points to release and energies. Great for tired and stress feet and legs Reduces swelling and helps with lymph drainage.Increased synovial fluids for healing, your whole body will benefit.Finnish with our lovely Isis Tea.


Shiroabhyang Indian Head Massage, shoulders upper back and Indian facial Massage $150.00 1hr

When you Massage the head in fact your massaging the entire body.The head is the centre of the nervous system, therefore we can calm down the entire body. The top of the head is the tenth gate which we receive our energy.This area if nourished by the correct oils protects the brain from dryness. Head massage energises the cerebrospinal fluid and strengthens the nervous system. Massaging the head also helps in getting rid of fatigue, balancing hormones and circulation. This massage aids in the flow of the Prana your life energy.

Subtle Energies Signature Abhyang 2hour full body Indian Massage $225.00

Its not a massage it’s an Experience( quoted by one of our lovely clients)Start with a foot soak of Rasayana foot wash & Scrub,Warm facial compress of Kewda & Gulheena. This Luxurious 2 hour massage takes you on a journey on many levels,addressing the Marma points, reflexology and Lymphatic drainage.This massage is by far the best in the World.



Netra Basti Ancient Indian Eye Treatment

kasa bowls

for sore & dry eyes 30mins $60.00

Recommended up to six treatments over six weeks


Kati Basti Ancient Indian back treatment 60mins  $120

Infared sauna to encourage flow of blood through the muscles. Warm ayurvedic aromatherapy oils used in a dam on back to take into the the muscles followed by a deeply relaxing back massage.


Rasayana Detox Body Scrub & Wrap 180 mins  $350

Detox & energies with the rasayana detox body scrub with the oils of Limbu lime, Tulasi the holy basil and wild turemic. Exfoiating with cinnamon bark and walnut shells. Then the application of warm Ayurveda clay with spiked gingerlily and green tea. wrapped in the soft bamboo blankets enjoy an Indian head massage and Marma facial massage. After your shower enjoy an application of warm aromatic oils. Just devine!great spa pic

Pearl Mineral Body Wrap 180mins $400

Start your luxurious Ayurveda experience with an exfoliation of the Himalayan salt scrub , before being cocooned in the Pearl mineral Ayurveda clay wrap with crushed pearl and con shells. This is high in minerals and also cooling and calming on the skin. Restores the skin and leaves with a lovely glow. Wrapped in soft bamboo sheets enjoy our Indian head massage and Marma facial massage before your shower. Complete your treatment with an application of aromatic oils or body butters.  Just Luxurious a facial for the body!


Himalayan Salt Scrub with application of warm aromatic oils $150 75mins

This invigorating ritual begins with a deep exfolating body polish using mineral rich and ionizing himalayan crystal salt to release toxins, stimulates circulation, reduce the signs of cellulite and relieve built up tension. Skin will be visibly radient and stress will be soothed away with the active effects of rare ayurveda aromatherapy oils blended within the scrub. The treatment includes hot compressing, shower and the application of warm aromatic oils.


Vedic Eye Therapy $65 begin your spa journey

This blissful eye therapy using ancient techniques, meditation and ayurveda aromatherapy has a deeply relaxing effect by calming the mind to bring inner peace and harmony. Focusing on stress levels and reduce the signs of aging. It will improve eye sight and assist with anxiety. Bring a balance to all senses. Enhances memory and concentration and gives clarity. Bring mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Start with a rejuventation foot ritual and finnish with warm facial compress and a marma facial massage. An application of Subtle Energies Intensive anti-oxident eye creme with potent ingredients of Amla, Brahmi and rosehip.