Isis Eyes

lashes 1 Isis Eye Lash Extensions


Isis Full lush set $120.00

Exotic set on the outer eye  $80


Individual silk lashes  & Y Lashes are attached to each of your own lashes one by one. Does not adhere to your skin only to your own lash.

Looks natural and lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Great for special occasions, weddings or just to have luscious lashes.

Go for the Exotic Look……5-8 Lashes on the ends or have more to suit your personal desires. Feel lightweight, you don’t even know you have them on. Natural and sexy !


make up 1

Isis Eyebrow Shaping    $20.00

Isis Eyebrow Tinting       $15.00

Isis Eye Lash Tining        $25.00







Christian Eye Brow Kits    $49.50christian eyebrow

Isis Day Spa proudly stocks the Christian Eye Brow Kits.They contain the waterproof eyebrow powder in many colours

The brush and three eyebrow stencils.These are wonderful if you have gaps and holes in your eyebrows

also for people are missing their ends. Looks natural very popular !


Isis Day Spa stocks the luxurious Eye of Horus Mascara’s and Eyeliners. They are so popular our customers come back each time to top up their supplies as this is definitely the best Mascara in the World.
So effective and doesn’t irritate the eyes as its natural but works so well to hold the eyelashes up.